Why a Holistic Approach to a Ketogenic Diet?

A well formulated low carb/ketogenic diet, associated with individualized nutritional support can help you regain your health, bringing balance back to your body.  Some of the benefits of this approach are:

Weight Loss

Lose weight eating rich, delicious food that will keep you satisfied for longer and prevent cravings! 

Diabetes prevention

A natural way to prevent and manage Diabetes, eating healthy and rich! 

Mental Clarity

Learn how to feed your brain and be more productive, more focused! That's also a good way to prevent Alzheimer.

Increase in Energy

Fuel your body with a more reliable energy source allowing you to feel more energized throughout the day.

Mood Improvement

What we eat impact everything, including our mood - it's time to be happy and forget about the "hangry" reality, right before lunch!

Hormonal balance

Regain your own balance! A well balanced diet will help reversing PCOS, aiding in fertility; it will also improve skin health - say bye to acne issues!

Yoga at Home

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