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Meet Isis

Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant - specialized in Ketogenic Diet

With a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis in my family, I started researching more about nutrition and its links to the brain, and found that restricting carbohydrates and increasing fat intake is not only good for the prevention and management of Diabetes, but is also beneficial to mental health, cardiovascular health, athletic performance, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Alzheimer's etc.

I then joined a Holistic Nutrition program and Low Carb professional training with the Noakes Foundation, and enrolled in the Gut and Psychology Syndrome training, a modified ketogenic protocol, created to help autistic people overcome part of their challenges by restoring their intestinal flora. It is a protocol that can be very beneficial for ADHD, deppression, allergies and auto- immune conditions just to name a few.

I believe our body is more powerful than known to humankind, and that feeding it the right foods and giving it the right tools will enable it to heal itself.

My goal is to guide you on your journey in reclaiming your health!


Why a Holistic Approach to a Ketogenic Diet?

A well formulated low carb/ketogenic diet, associated with individualized nutritional support can help you regain your health, bringing balance back to your body.  Some of the benefits of this approach are:

Weight Loss

Lose weight eating rich, delicious food that will keep you satisfied for longer and prevent cravings! 

Diabetes prevention

A natural way to prevent and manage Diabetes, eating healthy and rich! 

Mental Clarity

Learn how to feed your brain and be more productive, more focused! That's also a good way to prevent Alzheimer.

Increase in Energy

Fuel your body with a more reliable energy source allowing you to feel more energized throughout the day.

Mood Improvement

What we eat impact everything, including our mood - it's time to be happy and forget about the "hangry" reality, right before lunch!

Hormonal balance

Regain your own balance! A well balanced diet will help reversing PCOS, aiding in fertility; it will also improve skin health - say bye to acne issues!

Our Packages

Full package -
2 months
Follow up - exclusive for ex-clients

Add Ons

7-Day Meal Plan
Personalized Shopping Experience
Cupboard/Fridge Education

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You can also find your Holistic Nutritionist, specialized in Low carbohydrate/Ketogenic diet at Complement Healthcare in the West Vancouver Community Center.


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